Magic Show

magic show

Many artists feel the need to supplement their quality of magician by playing the role of the actor. While most of them do not know anything about art and mimicry they do not know how to take advantage of the many resources of the expression according to a master in this field. Some magicians try to reproduce some of the expressions and discover an opportunity to further improve their act in magic show for children as for adults.

The attitude of the magician

Head down and reversed indicates amazement, horror, bewilderment. For example the magician in a magic show for children gets a spontaneous object. The marked elevation of the eyebrows can also express the same sentiments. Head straight, body slightly thrown back indicates contempt, disgust, repulsion. For example the artist performs the wedding at Cana and pours a glass of water when the viewer thinks get a glass of wine. The withdrawal of the lower jaw also reflects the expression of disappointment, trouble, mistake. Feigning a small accident with a magician for children, a corner of a handkerchief for example that has just disappeared out of a pocket or a few feathers out of the lid of a box with which we just do away with a dove magic show. This expression of the magician must be completed by the set of eyebrows.

Without abusing it, he can in his magic tricks for children wink to designate a spectator who is embarrassed. While in turning his eyes aside and keeping the head still in the show the magician can obtain a confidential expression and we he will express distrust, fear hidden. To translate cunning, malice, deceit, keep eyelids half closed, turn the opposite side, bring the fake eyebrows and a forced smile.

The are similarities between the act of a magician and the game of poker. In poker an important aspect is to be able to bluff, in other words to misrepresent the strength of your hand. This is mostly done without speaking, using facial expressions and body language. Some top poker pros come from the field of magic, such as Antonio Esfandiari and David Williams. They were able to transfer their bluffing skills as magicians into the field of poker tournaments with a good poker mind.

On the contrary, through a broad smile and raising the eyebrows, the artist can translate, admiration or astonishment. Also let's mention that silence is expressed by wearing the head forward, pressing the index finger on the lips and dwarfed by raising the eyebrows. This figure expresses with great energy the recommendation not to talk about silence. Whoever made this sign obviously imposes his will.

The body of the magician in magic show

It is good to complete the facial expressions in children's magic show by a few movements of the arms and legs. Thus the body should be a little saggy in the abandonment, self-pity, right in its dignity, the quiet challenges. As for pride or arrogance, the magician in his magic tricks will reject his body backward to mimic surprise or terror. The legs are met which means dignity, challenge, peace, pride, emotion. If they are slightly apart it means arrogance. The hands and arms are also very close collaborators. In a magic show when the arms of the magician for children fall along the body and the hands are half-open, fingers together without stiffness, it means simplicity, calm, self-confidence, dignity. Arms folded across his chest, that's the challenge, the bravado.

Only the face and body position will let the children know the magician means peace or arrogance. The magician folds his arms to flush certain phrases indignantly. If, while his arms are crossed the magician taps fingers on either bicep, it means impatience or anger.

In a magic show, he spreads his arms, opening his hands and shrugging his shoulders to mimic ignorance, inability, for example in the sentence "I myself do not understand this experience." The artist in children's magic show by example has the hand or hands to his heart to express emotion, sincerity, sometimes pain. To point to someone politely, for example a young child in a public spectacle, he extends his arm, hand open, fingers together, always without stiffness. Designate a person from the index alone is equivalent to a negative emotion, one uses this gesture to accuse, insult, condemn or scorn.

The magician in magic shows for children can deny with his index, arm, or both arms, according to the strength of the negation. If this is not a solemn strong case, the magician will raise the elbow horizontally at the height of the shoulder, forearm facing up to the chest that touches his open hand, then by a rapid movement, he shall turn away the hand of the chest, so that the entire arm is at about the time of the first lateral movement without bending.

Thus the act can be understood in a magic show without using speech, as gestures and facial expressions are priceless tells. You will soon make yourself some trial and errors and you can enjoy this attempt to reconstruct natural language.